Welcome to Atlantic Waves Estate

Atlantic Waves – a holidaymaker’s dream and the playground of seasoned fishermen. The first time you lay eyes on the West Coast, it’s love at first sight. It greets you with open arms – boasting uncrowded plains of fynbos and that chilling ocean.

An undiscovered treasure trove of unspoiled beaches awaits you, with incredible mountain ranges and views. Its rich geographical diversity and history, astounding miles of wildflowers in spring for those with nature true to heart.

The promise of a catch as you water your line, with crayfish and Bokkoms to mention a few. Its unique scenery of breathtaking sunsets and those wildflowers coloring in the picture perfect landscape.

West Coast, the home of the people with those stories, the stories you can listen to for hours. The whitewashed cottages resting lonely along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a seafood mecca and a number of open -air beachfront restaurants, that offer unsurpassed fresh seafood straight from the ocean. Prepared freshly and cooked to perfection whilst you watch the breathtaking views of the sunset.

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